Phone apps every girl boss needs :

  Whether you're an IOS or an Android kind of girl , I've gathered some really important free phone apps that you will definitely use on a daily basis. And that will make your life a little easier .     1. CLUE : (available on IOS and Android ) Clue is a free period … Continue reading Phone apps every girl boss needs :


Facts about your hair :

      Well I've been looking around for some hair facts , and found some few interesting ones that I'm excited to share with you guys . Hope you enjoy ! ❤   All of the hair follicles you’ll ever have were formed when you were a fetusAll hair is dead, except the hair that’s still inside … Continue reading Facts about your hair :

2018 .

My actual year review : Well 2018 wasn't really my year. And I think it wasn't the case for everyone. But as I'm waving it goodbye , I would like to share some few important things that finally happened in 2018, and that I'm so grateful for . 1 - Health : 2018 was the … Continue reading 2018 .